why hcr?

We’re different.

Often described as “one of the best indie labels out there,” NYC’s global bass music pioneer High Chai Recordings has been promoting big sound and breaking new talent since 2008.

Founded by DJ/Producers FILMI, Cenzo & dimmSummer, High Chai focuses on quality music in many forms including Trap, Future, Hybrid, Midtempo, Glitch Hop, Neuro, DrumStep and everything in between. Refusing to follow a growing trend in the industry to release everything that starts to sound the same, HCR’s artists and catalog speak to an increasingly diverse and discerning global audience. 2013 saw an expansion of A&R support from David McMillan in the US & Joe Steadman in the UK.

High Chai’s vertical integration of mastering, graphics and branding remain a keystone in keeping costs as low as possible for label and artist alike.

We take pride in not only signing rising stars in various scenes but also cultivating and guiding raw talent to introduce to the world. In addition to being a beacon to future stars, HCR is known for delivering big room drops from legends like FreQ Nasty, Liquid Stranger, Nucleya & FS to name a few.


DJ Highlights:

When the man known as Bassnectar chooses his set, it’s safe to say 95% or more is his own material. To get a track into one of these iconic sessions, let alone at multiple arenas, speaks for itself.

Featured: Bass Against the Machine – King Kong (Original Mix)

GRiZ dropping Defunk’s End of the Night feat. AK Sediki at Bonnaroo Kalliope 2016

Beatport Highlights:

In Q3 of 2010, Beatport’s CEO commented that they get between 7000-15,000 tracks EACH WEEK for release and only 32 slots per genre for features. One can only imagine where that number is today.

High Chai Recordings has been lucky enough to garner a number of features for our artists and recently were invited by our distro Label Engine to craft a 10-track album for the ‪#‎BeatpotDecade‬ celebration.

Beatport Top100 Label:

Beating out legends like Mad Decent and Viper, we’re in the Top 100 Beatport Labels for 2014 according to BP Top Tracker:

And again in 2015:



Beatport Features:

Top 10 & Must-Hear: